Rachel Garcia


For bookings and enquiries please contact:

Ph: 0421 555 708

Website: https://www.thecounsellingroom.com.au/

INDIVIDUALS - 55 minutes 
Consultation fee: $130 
Concession rate: $95* 

COUPLES - 55 minutes 
Consultation fee: $145 
Concession rate: $105* 

Compassion and kindness towards oneself are intrinsically woven into mindfulness.
— Jon Kabat -Zinn

About me

I have a deeply held belief that people don’t stuff up their lives on purpose, and that we are usually doing the very best we can. So I approach counselling with the idea that we have good reasons for what we are doing.

In my style of counselling, we do deeper work- I believe that when you treat the cause, rather than the symptoms, then often the symptoms just take care of themselves. I’ve seen that happen so many times.

My approach is warm, compassionate, and very calm and gentle. Also, we often laugh during my sessions. I specialise in complex work, and love it when I see people healing and growing. That’s when I do my counsellor happy dance!

Areas of expertise

My experience has been working in the following areas: trauma counselling, recovering from abuse counselling, marriage and relationship counselling, couple issues, Christian counselling, carer burnout, long-term medical issues, and disability counselling.


Queensland Counselling Association
Bachelor of Arts
Graduate Diploma in Psychology
BBehavSc (Hons Psychology)
Master of Counselling & Psychotherapy


Clinical member QCA
Clinical member PACFA

About Psychotherapy

There is sometimes a little bit of a difference between how a psychologist and a psychotherapist works with you to resolve the issues that you bring to therapy. Generally, when you see a psychologist, you will focus on a particular current issue, and work together to find some great strategies that will help relieve you of current symptoms and allow you to move on with your life.

Psychotherapists will do that too, but often, the focus will be not only on your current issues, but also on how your present has been shaped by your past. There is the idea that your ways of ‘being’, which have developed over the years, will be impacting you now. A goal of psychotherapy is that you reach a consciousness and understanding of those patterns in your life, and to perhaps find ways of accepting, or changing any unhelpful patterns. Sometimes you have obvious reasons to be feeling down, but other times you may have periods of depression, or anxiety, or are puzzled at why you seem to have unhappy experiences that are repeated- psychotherapy is often helpful in unravelling these types of things.

A focus of the current model of psychology is to assist you to find some really good ways of dealing with your current issues within an allocated number of sessions. On the other hand, because psychotherapy works more on understanding long-term patterns in your life, the length of treatment will vary, depending on individual needs.