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+ Do you bulk bill?

No, at present we do not bulk bill, however for holders of a current Pension, Concession or Health Care cards we are able to offer a discounted rate when the card is presented.

+ What referral types do you accept?

We accept a wide range of referrals to our Psychologists including;

• Mental Health Treatment Plan (Medicare)

• Private referrals

• Workers Compensation

• Department of Veteran Affairs (DVA)

• Open Arms - Veterans & Families Counselling

• Wesley Mission – Psychological Therapies Program (PTP)

• NDIS – Self Managed or Plan Managed only (unable to see NDIA Managed clients)

+ Do I need a referral letter?

No, you do not need a referral letter to see one of our Psychologists however the need for a referral letter will be dependent on the type of referral you are being seen under.

Medicare: Yes, however there is no standard form for referrals. Eligible medical practitioners can refer patients for allied mental health services with a signed and dated referral letter that includes the following;

• The patient’s symptoms

• The number of treatment services the patient needs to receive – (Referrals cannot be provided for the full 10 sessions. A referral is for a maximum of six sessions).

• a statement about whether the patient has a GPMHTP, shared care plan or a psychiatrist assessment and management plan.

All patients require a current Mental Health Treatment Plan (MHTP) to claim a rebate for Better Access services from Medicare. A MHTP may be provided to the allied mental health provider with the referral. A MHTP does not expire. A referral is valid until the referred number of sessions have been completed, regardless of whether a patient chooses to change their allied mental health provider.

Private Health: No, there is no requirement for a letter when you will be claiming under your private health insurance.

Workcover: Yes, a referral is needed for you to be seen under workers compensation insurance. Referral letters will also need to be sent directly to the insurer and funding must be approved before we are able to invoice the consultations to the Workcover.

DVA: Yes, a referral is required for an entitled person to receive DVA funded allied health care services. A referral is valid for twelve months unless it is an ongoing referral, the referral must be written on either a ‘DVA Request/Referral Form’ (Form D904) or using the letterhead of the referring health care provider. All referrals must include the following information about an entitled person to ensure the provider understands the entitled person’s medical history and to allow the provider to claim payment from DVA:

• Name and DVA file number of the entitled person (as shown on the DVA Health Card);

• The treatment entitlement of the person, i.e. Gold Card or White Card (include accepted conditions, if known, for White Card);

• If the entitled person is resident in a Residential Aged Care Facility (RACF), the level of care that they are funded to receive and the date the funding began;

• Provider name and number of the referring health care provider;

• Date of the referral;

• Entitled person’s clinical details (including recent illnesses, injuries and current medication, if applicable); and

• Condition(s) to be treated.

Insurance: Yes, as with Workcover a referral is needed for you to be seen under an insurance policy. Referral letters will also need to be sent directly to the insurer and funding must be approved before we are able to invoice the consultations to the insurer.

Wesley Mission Psychological Therapies Program: Yes, a valid referral will need to be sent directly to Wesley Mission for prior approval. Only once the referral is approved, will it be forwarded to Evolve Wellbeing so we can contact you and book you in for a consultation. Please note: We do not receive the referrals from Wesley Mission unless you are approved.

NDIS: Yes, we are currently able to see NDIS clients under the following management types.

• Self Managed

• Plan Managed only Please Note: We are currently unable to see clients who are only NDIA Managed.

+ My doctor told me I am eligible for 10 free sessions, is this correct?

No, at present we do not bulk bill, however for holders of a current Pension, Concession or Health Care cards we are able to offer a discounted rate when the card is presented.

+ Do you offer after-hours appointments?

Yes, a number of our practitioners are able to offer afterhours appointments during the week, these time slots however are very popular and do book out in advance so it is best to get in early.

+ How long are appointments?

Our standard consultations will run between 50-60 minutes.

+ What should I expect when I see a psychologist?

Prior to your initial consultation, one of administration staff will be in contact with you to discuss the fees and appointment process, at that time we may send you some initial information and paperwork for completion, which you are able to bring along to your first session., along with any referral you may have

During the initial consultation the psychologist will ask you some questions about your personal circumstance, what you hope to achieve within the sessions and work together with you to tailor a suitable treatment plan.

As each client, psychologist and presenting issue is unique, there is no typical therapy session. As allocating the client to the right psychologist is not an exact science, we do encourage you to inform us if you feel like your psychologist is not the right fit for you, we strive for our clients to feel comfortable and have a supportive rapport with their treating psychologist.

+ Can I be seen under a mental health treatment plan for relationship counselling?

No, Medicare arrangements do not currently allow for the provision of relationship counselling, as it does not constitute the valid use of a Better Access item.

Even when a mental disorder is present in both parties, having two clients in the same consultation would not meet the requirements of the Better Access item descriptor.

In certain circumstances and if therapeutically indicated, during the course of treatment the treating Psychologist may wish to briefly involve the partner of a client however this should not comprise the primary focus of a course of treatment under Better Access.

+ Can I claim both a medicare refund and a rebate private health insurance?

No, when consultations are processed they are allocated an item number for either Medicare or private health insurance, claiming only allows for one item number to be charged, therefore the consultation can only be claimed under one pathway.

+ I have completed my first block of referred sessions, what happens next?

Patients are eligible for up to ten individual and 10 group sessions in a calendar year, usually referred in block of 5 or 6 sessions at a time, Referrals cannot be provided for the full 10 sessions, a referral is for a maximum of six sessions. At the completion of the referred number of consultations the treating Psychologist will complete a letter of review to the referring doctor to help determine whether further sessions are needed.

Before your next session, it is important that you see your GP for this review, and at the time of booking, please ask for a longer consultation. This is so the GP can spend the time required to complete the paperwork and they appreciate the notice in scheduling this time for you.

Once you have received the review please contact the office to rebook another appointment if you haven’t already done so, and bring the paperwork with you for our records.